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About Us | Ensemble Capital Management

Ensemble Capital Management, LLC is the advisor to the Ensemble Fund. Since 1997, Ensemble Capital has been building focused portfolios to help our clients preserve their success and enhance their future. The firm currently manages approximately $1.78 billion on behalf of private clients, charitable institutions, and the Ensemble Fund.

Over almost two decades of investing, we have learned that the key to success is owning investments in which you have a high degree of conviction. All good investment opportunities will go through challenging periods and it is during these times that an investor’s convictions are tested. While mistakes must be recognized when they occur, challenging times are often an important source of potential outperformance. Sticking with your investments during tough times and making new ones as they emerge is one of the most important principals of long-term investment success.

In our work with private clients, we have come to believe that it is not enough for investment managers to have conviction in their portfolio positions. Clients must also have conviction in the investment manager and the investment process. Therefore, one of our core principals in managing the Ensemble Fund is providing investors with far more transparency into our process and holdings than the typical mutual fund. Our goal is not just to produce high rates of return for the Fund, but to help our investors maximize their personal returns by helping them maintain conviction during the inevitable challenging times that are sure to arise.

Ensemble Capital Management, LLC is a boutique, 100% employee owned company located in San Francisco, CA. Ensemble Capital’s president and chief investment officer Sean Stannard-Stockton, CFA is the portfolio manager of the Ensemble Fund.